Members of the Association can be both individuals and legal entities (collective membership) that share the objectives and tasks of the Association.

Separate members who are individuals can be awarded the Honorary members of the Association if they have made a significant contribution to the development of the Association or maritime law. The Honorary member is entitled to participate in an advisory capacity in meetings of the Board of the Association, in meetings of other statutory bodies of the Association.

Procedure for granting membership

The question of granting membership in the Association to the applicant is decided by the Board of the Association on the basis of the documents provided to him.

List of documents required for admission to the Association is as follows:

Documents should be sent to the Secretariat of the Association.

In the case of a positive decision made by the Board of the Association during the month after the receipt of the documents, the applicant must make a payment of admission and membership fees on the account of the Association

Membership in the organization commences upon the adoption of the decision by the Board of the Association.

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