V. The Objects of the Association

  1. To achieve this objective the Association has the following objects:

    1) promotion of the development and unification of maritime and commercial law in Ukraine and abroad;

    2) establishing of contacts with governmental and non-governmental institutions, local self-government authorities, enterprises and organizations on issues related to the activities of the Association;

    3) promoting of professional training, retraining and skills upgrading of the Members of the Association;

    4) protection, representation of professional, social, economic, creative, cultural and other common lawful interests of Members of the Association, including issues relating to the development and unification of maritime and commercial law in Ukraine and abroad, satisfying of the cultural interests of Members of the Association.

  2. To perform assigned objects the Association shall:

    1) cooperate with state and local authorities, with Ukrainian and international organizations on the development and implementation of the maritime policy of Ukraine, implementation of international maritime law in the current legislation of Ukraine, adaptation of the Ukrainian legislation to the European Union legislation;

    2) maintain relationships with Ukrainian and foreign public and charitable organizations, cultural and educational centers, international NGOs, etc.;

    3) participate in the development of law and regulations;

    4) participate in the public commissions, boards, supervisory committees and boards, advisory bodies, public councils and other public associations at state institutions, ministries, associations, international organizations, local authorities and self-government bodies;

    5) cooperate with the administration and committees of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Administration of the President of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the Judicial Branch, including, but not limited to the Constitutional Court of Ukraine and the Supreme Court of Ukraine, the Prosecutor General and the international institutions, as well as with statesmen, regional administrations, regional councils, city councils and other regional and local governments and authorities;

    6) conduct educational, public events (workshops, lectures, meetings, conferences, etc.);

    7) represent and protect rights and legitimate interests of the Association and its Members in state and local authorities, in judicial bodies, in relations with natural persons and legal entities;

    8) organize and / or conduct public examinations of the laws, regulations and other documents;

    9) be engaged in ideological and organizational support of the Members of the Association, other public and charitable organizations;

    10) inform about its activity through the media;

    11) promote research on legal issues involving specialists of the Association, other citizens, receiving grants and scholarships.

Ukrainian maritime bar association