XVI International Scientific and Practical Conference “Maritime Law and Management: Evolution and Current Challenges”

17 February, 2022, 11:01

The Ukrainian Maritime Bar Association is pleased to invite to the XVI International Scientific and Practical Conference "Maritime Law and Management: Evolution and Modern Challenges", which will take place in Odessa, Ukraine on April 7-8, 2022 at the National University “Odessa Maritime Academy”.

The purpose of the conference is to discuss problems of effective legal regulation and management in the ocean and marine infrastructure in the globalization and integration context.

Thematic conference directions:

Block 1  Maritime law: doctrinal and strategic directions of maritime law development in the   context of globalization of the world economy; protection of the ecology of the World Ocean; international maritime law of the XXI century and prospects of its development; private international maritime law; national maritime law of Ukraine as the maritime state.

Block 2  Maritime Management: the XXI century trends in the development of maritime complex; global markets and modern transport industry; Ukraine in the global transport space; management of transport innovative processes.

Block 3  Humanistic paradigm and development of the Ukrainian state: philosophical, historical, cultural preconditions and vectors of development of the world and Ukraine in the XXI century; current trends in the development of law, governance and administration in the globalization context.

Conference languages: Ukrainian, English.

To participate in the conference, you must fill out an application for participation before  April 1, 2022

An information letter together with information about the requirements for theses is attached.

Ukrainian maritime bar association